Loan Services

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Loan Services

Amhara Bank S.C. provide different loan services to its esteemed customers.

Overdraft Facility
By making a credit agreement with ABa, account holders can withdraw more money than what they have in their account for their operational needs of viable and ongoing business.
The facility includes:
Regular O/D Overdraw on a regular O/D Overdraw of one’s current account
Merchandise Loan Facilities

This is a short-term credit facility, availed to customers against physical pledge of merchandise or documentary evidence(railway receipt, warehouse receipt, airway bills, and the like). If you are an investor or a merchandiser, you must not suffer in the thought of cash flow problems and then lack of funding. ABa will take care of that for you and give you a breathing space.


Import Letter of Credit Facility

Is a credit product that extended to the applicants who are engaged in import business, or other applicants who import for various purposes on payment of certain percentage of the value of the documents while opening a Letter of Credit.


Import L/C Settlement Loan

What is the most faced problem for importers? Lack of capital. The Import settlement loan is a loan designed to address that specific shortcoming and settle the L/C opened but have remained outstanding because of her or his temporary shortage of cash for the settlement. If you are an importer, then ABa will extend loans to relieve you of your working-capital shortage.


Warehouse Receipt Financing

It is a financing mechanism in which ABa provides loans or advances for members and clients of ECX by pledging the warehouse receipts issued in their names by the ECX.


Term Loan

The best financial choice 

This finance is designed to boost working capital or project finance to be repaid within a specific time usually with interest. ABa is engaged in delivering unsurpassed working financing credit to ensure the smooth running of businesses with Short, Medium, and Long-term loans.

Motor Vehicle, Machinery, and Equipment

loan Investment financing for Enterprises operating in an industrial park

Agricultural term loan

Consulting firm financing & others


Pre-Shipment Export Credit Facility

It is a loan extended for purchase of raw materials, processing and converting them into finished goods, warehousing, packing and transporting the goods until the time of shipment.


Advance Against Export Bills

This is a facility advanced to reputable corporate/SME customers of the ABa, who are involved in the export business to finance their short-term financial needs in their export activities upon the presentation of all their export documents, except the bill of loading.


Loan to Micro Finance Institutions

ABa extends credit to micro-finance institutions to alleviate their financial constraints in providing credit to micro-entrepreneurs, thereby enhancing their lending capacities.


Project Financing/Partial Financing

ABa offers projects like infrastructure and industrial projects in credit financing. If you have a project you want to engage in but lack the financial means to achieve it, ABa will offer you the chance to do as such.


Export and Import Financing

For individuals and companies involved in the import-export sector. ABa will send funds to use as a deferred payment. While you worry about your export materials, ABa will ensure your products don’t lag behind because of finances. Similarly, through import financing, ABa will make payments for exporters so that importers don’t struggle with payments. This will give you time to take your time with your finances and it later time settle with ABa.


Syndicate Financing

is financing offered by a group of banks or lenders that fund fragments of a loan for an individual borrower. When a bank is unable to fulfill a credit request alone, ABa will be able to provide such financing.

  • Mortgage loans for Ethiopian residents
  • Vehicle loans for Ethiopian residents
  • Mortgage, Vehicle and Personal loan for NGO’s (with whom the Bank has an agreement)
  • Mortgage loans for Diasporas
  • Vehicle loans for Diasporas

ABa issues a letter of guarantee by undertaking to pay a sum of money to a contracting party in the event the other contracting party fails to honor its obligations in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract.  

Types of guarantee:
  • Bid Bond Guarantee
  • Advance Payment Guarantee
  • Performance Bond Guarantee
  • Custom Bond Guarantee
  • Suppliers Credit Guarantee
  • Retention Guarantee
  • Other Bank Guarantees

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Lewedaje app works like a credit card allowing users to get an instant loan. All a user has to do is install one of these apps and register themselves on it. Then they have to check their eligibility and verify their personal and bank details.

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